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Earning Money
Be Your Own Boss

It seems we are conditioned to believe that in order to be successful we must work our way to the top. But who says that you have to accept an entry level position to start your path to success? If you have an idea, a passion, or a specialized skill, why not ditch the 9 to 5 grind and start your own business venture?

Unfortunately, many young people today don't realize the types of risks they can afford to take. If you don't take risks you’ll never know if your dreams could have come true. Your teenage years are actually ideal for becoming an entrepreneur. After all, you probably have limited responsibilities and expenses that one acquires throughout adulthood which can make starting a business more difficult.
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Now that you are inspired to be your own boss and start your entrepreneurship path, you must begin by exploring potential business ideas. What’s your niche? Think about the things you are good at or have an interest in. For example, if you are skilled at a particular sport, think about offering coaching lessons to neighborhood kids or your peers. If you have a creative flare for making things, perhaps you can make and sell jewelry or candles. If writing is your thing, start a blog. If you can get people to read what you have to say, you can make money at it. There are thousands of affiliate programs that will pay you when people click through from your blog to their sites and make a purchase. If you are still unclear on what business venture to initiate, think about tasks or jobs that are in demand like yard service, garage cleaning or organizing service, or a concierge service where you offer to run errands for others.

The possibilities are endless and if you have the determination and hunger, you can make your business thrive. Create a sound business plan detailing your goals and financial projections. If your business venture requires start up expenses, visit your credit union for financial guidance.

If you are already a teen entrepreneur or want to share your business idea, tell us about it!


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