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Managing Money

Relationships and Money
By: Boris Ivanovo
Couple With Heart

Love is one of those things that can make you do incredible things, but it also makes very foolish things seem okay. Be careful. When you're in love, you're much more prone and willing to spend money on that loved one because you feel like you have to do everything you can to make them happy. Just remember, when it comes to relationships and money, it's a very tricky business... especially in college.

Like it or not, the college years are much more known for frat houses, partying, and wild nights instead of romantic walks in the park. It takes a huge investment, emotionally and economically, to try to make a relationship work. Any wise person would tell you that it's a dangerous idea. But if you choose to take on the challenge, you should take some financial tips along the way.

Don't overdo it. Do you really need to shower him or her with gifts? Think of cheaper, more romantic dates. For example, learn to cook and make dinners at half the cost of going out. Or, when you do go out, who says you have to spend big? Some of your best memories might include simple house blend coffees at a local coffee shop or attending campus events (that are usually free for students) together.

And finally, remember that you're in school - and so is that person you're dating. He or she probably feels the same budget pinches that you do. Talk about it. Share your personal spending habits and patterns. You might be able to help each other out. And just think if he or she does turn out to be "the one" for you, the two of you have already developed a trusting relationship where you are not afraid to talk about money. It will make beginning your life together after graduation a lot less stressful so you can move ahead already knowing how the other thinks and acts with their financial life.


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