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Parent's Guide
Teaching Our Children the Value of Saving ... By Example
Teenage girl puts money in piggy bank

My daughter recently began babysitting, and treats her income as completely disposable. She doesn't want to save or invest any of it. My wife explained that she ...
Children's Checking Accounts
Teenage girl puts money in piggy bank

Open a checking account at the credit union for your child and teach her how to balance a checkbook. While it may seem a little early, if you help her open that first checking ...
Teaching Children to Share
Teaching Children to Share

A recent study from the University of Zurich in Switzerland studied the behavior of 229 children who were given the opportunity to share with another child who ...

Read Together
Family With Two Children

Your child may not be much of a reader, but there's something special about reading together with mom or dad. Take the time to find a book on money management at you ... more

Talk to Your Kids About Debt
Young Boy With Family

Discuss the problems of debt with your children. They may not be aware of the dangers, and while you may feel they have time to learn about it, the reality is that children ... more

Good Habits
Young Boy Writing In Notebook

You've probably already established many good habits with your children: eating right, brushing their teeth, and doing homework before TV for starters ... more

Summer Jobs for Kids
Woman paying cashier at the cash counter

Encourage your child to get a job this summer. While the economy may be on the rebound, summertime is a wonderful opportunity for kids to learn the ... more

Your Child's IRA: A Gift That Can Keep on Giving
Asian Boy Using Laptop Computer

Anyone with earned income can contribute to an Individual Retirement Account. That includes twelve-year-olds with paper routes, sixteen-year-olds who work at the mall ... more

Talk to Your Children About Today's Economy
Domestic Family Of Four Lying And Working With Laptop

Kids pick up on what's going on - much more than we give them credit for. Have an open discussion with your children about what is going on in the economy, what it ... more

"Money isn't everything but it sure keeps you in touch with your children.
" J. Paul Getty

More News

Summer Camps That Teach Smart Money Management

Summer is a great time to spend some extra time with your children. Why not use some of that time to teach them about money? Visit the library, go online together, or include your children in bill paying ... more

Tax Time
Perhaps you don't remember it, but one of the big surprises in life comes with that first pay check-when you find out that your salary isn't really all yours. Uncle Sam will probably always take a chunk ... more

Go Ahead, Take the Kids Shopping
You know you'll spend less without the kids tagging along. It might even be somewhat more relaxing. But your kids stand to gain from a shopping trip with mom or dad, even if only in one of the following ... more

What Should I Wear
"What should I wear?" "I have nothing to wear!" "Those things in my closet have been out of style for a decade!" If these refrains sound familiar, you are probably ... more

Investing Simulator
Let your kids start learning about investing in a fun and exciting way ... more

Talking to Your Kids...About Credit Cards
Nothing sounds better to kids (of all ages!) than a plastic card you can wave in department stores that lets you magically walk away with your choice of merchandise. Sure, you'll have to pay for it later ... more

Beyond Babysitting and Lawn Mowing
Babysitting and lawn mowing are tried and true moneymakers for kids, but not every child has interests in those areas. So, if your children express interest in making money (but are not yet ready for even a ... more


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