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Parent's Guide

Go Ahead, Take the Kids Shopping

You know you'll spend less without the kids tagging along. It might even be somewhat more relaxing.
But your kids stand to gain from a shopping trip with mom or dad, even if only in one of the following ways:

They learn that things are not free. When they see the exchange of cash (try to use paper instead of plastic) for products, it brings the lesson home.

Your habits become their habits. As long as those habits are good ones and you want to pass them on to the next generation, be yourself. But if you have a weakness for impulsive purchases or things you really can't afford, don't display that habit now.

Give them a small amount of money to spend on whatever they want - say a dollar or two, This will undoubtedly give you a chance to teach them that they can't buy everything they want. You can also teach them about making trade-offs on purchases since they may be able to buy one item, but not both items.

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